Kangaroo Freeze Dried Raw

$14.69 CAD
$14.69 CAD

"The wild & hypoallergenic tail waggling snack!"

Exotic Protein


Low Sensitivity

Lean & Delicious

Have sensitivities, allergies, or simply just picky?

Try the hypoallergenic and irresistibly savoury kangaroo meat bites, sliced into thin cut pieces from the whole protein, suitable for all fur babies!

The natural and wild flavours makes every pup jump in excitement and they will devour these with more passion than anything else!

Open a bag today and watch the magic unfold!

    100% Kangaroo Meat (Human Grade)
    Crude Protein (min): 80%
    Crude Fat (min): 3%
    Crude Fibre (max): 1%
    Moisture (max): 6%
    While these snacks may be all your pet wants to eat, these products are designed to complement your pet’s regular food diet and intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

    Always supervise while feeding. Please keep fresh water available while feeding these snacks.

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