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Frequently Asked Questions

At Wiggly Babies, the health and happiness of our furry family members is our #1 priority.

As such, our freeze dried raw snacks are made from single human-grade ingredients with no additives or preservatives, and the raw freshness is unbeatable.

We work directly with Canadian and international farms and fisheries to source premium human-grade ingredients, and you can learn more about each of them at our Ingredient Sourcing page.

Freeze drying is a gentle and minimal processing method that preserves the nutrients, texture, flavour, and aroma of raw ingredients.

Offering the same high digestibility as raw feeding, it combines the advantages of a long shelf life with the convenience of being lightweight. These snacks are versatile, ideal for training, meal toppers, or as enriching additions to regular meals.

To preserve their crispiness and flavour, always store snacks in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and ensure the bag is sealed tightly.

Once opened, for optimal freshness, it's best to consume our snacks within 4-6 weeks. After this period, they are still good to consume as long as there's no moisture added, but they will start to oxidize and lose some of the aroma and flavour associated with freeze drying.

Alternatively, you can place the opened bags in the fridge, and they will be fresh for 8-10 weeks.

Wiggly Babies Freeze Dried Raw Snacks can be given as a reward or training treat; additionally, they also work really well as toppers on meals and proteins for enrichment formulas.
The appropriate snack amount varies based on your fur baby's size, age, and activity level. As a general guideline, snack bites should constitute no more than 10% of your dog or cat's daily caloric intake.

When giving snack chews, always supervise and ensure your pets have access to fresh water.