No Mysteries

Many sensitivities and upset stomachs in our pets can be attributed to proteins that, while deemed "safe to eat," are of sub-par quality and can be harsh on our fur babies' digestive systems.
We work directly with our farm and fishery partners to source human-grade food ingredients, ensuring that the proteins are of the same quality as the food on our plates.


B.C. Rockfish, also known as the Red Snapper, is a wild-caught saltwater fish off the coast of B.C.

They are free of hormones and antibiotics, and are a great source of Vitamin D3.


From Interior B.C. family farms, we source their pasture-raised and 100% grass-fed beef hearts, free of hormones and antibiotics.


Our ducks are from farms in the beautiful sunny Fraser Valley, B.C., where they are raised cruelty free, cage free, free run, and on a balanced diet free of hormones and antibiotics.

Asian Breed Chicken

This special breed of chickens have yellow skin, which produces extra beta-carotene in their fat cells.

Also from Fraser Valley, where they are raised cruelty-free, cage free, and free run.

Turkey Neck

Our turkeys are from farms in the beautiful sunny Fraser Valley, B.C., and are raised cage free.

Sweet Potato

These great sources of fibre comes from the farms of Ontario, super low fat, simple and fresh.


Kangaroo is a great hypoallergenic and exotic protein. Our kangaroo meat comes from the land of Australia, which has an abundant population of wild kangaroos.


Our sardines are sourced from a Canadian supplier with fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea. They are notably larger than their Canadian counterparts.