Duck Wing Freeze Dried Raw

$14.99 CAD
$14.99 CAD

"Your pets haven't had chews this delicious!"

Unbeatable Meaty Chew

Irresistible Enrichment

Novel Protein

Not only are duck wings fun and meaty chews with great dental cleaning properties, they are also rich in essential nutrients, including a variety of B vitamins and minerals.

Enrichment, teeth cleaning, and indulging all in one.

All wings are dried using a low-temperature freeze-drying process that helps maintain the raw integrity of the poultry bones, making them less likely to chip or splinter

Available in sliced or whole form to fit the needs of all fur babies.

*As with all chews involving bones, please supervise when feeding.

    100% Free Run Duck Wing (Human Grade)

    Raised Without Hormones or Antibiotics

    Raised Cruelty Free, Cage Free

    Crude Protein (min): 42%
    Crude Fat (min): 34.6%
    Crude Fibre (max): 1.3%
    Calcium: 3.6%
    Phosphorus: 2.1%
    Moisture (max): 6%
    While these snacks may be all your pet wants to eat, these products are designed to complement your pet’s regular food diet and intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

    Always supervise while feeding. Please keep fresh water available while feeding these snacks.

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