Beef Heart Freeze Dried Raw

$15.49 CAD
$15.49 CAD

"A lean & healthy complement to any diet!"

Lean & Low Fat

100% Grass-fed

Raised on Pasture

Cut from fresh whole hearts, the grass-fed beef heart contains essential vitamins and minerals like zinc and iron, and is extremely lean and healthy. It is the ideal balance between soft chewy texture and top-quality protein.

From B.C. farmers, raised on pasture without any hormones or antibiotics, we bring you 100% grass-fed freeze dried raw beef heart bites.

A must try if you're looking for healthy and high value snacks!

100% Grass-fed Beef Heart (Human Grade)
Crude Protein (min): 67%
Crude Fat (min): 7%
Crude Fibre (max): 1%
Moisture (max): 6%
While these snacks may be all your pet wants to eat, these products are designed to complement your pet’s regular food diet and intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Always supervise while feeding. Please keep fresh water available while feeding these snacks.

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